We are in a digital revolution where mobile devices have become an indispensable tool in how information is disseminated and received. Due to lower costs, increased functionality and the availability of new software innovations, mobile technology is now driving the next generation of education solutions. Backed by decades of technical expertise, Kaonsoft recognizes the importance of adopting a successful mobile strategy to create a safer and more interactive environment for parents, teachers and students alike.

In addition to our Kaonsoft Public Safety Solutions™ to facilitate School Resource Officers’ activities and our line of pre-built micro apps with targeted workflow functionalities, we offer the following mobile solutions to streamline administrative processes, improve communication and connect the school community:

QuickOn Mobile Employee Self-Service™

Modernize the analog payroll system for ancillary personnel and proactively manage their schedules and salaries with this digital alternative. With features such as GPS stamping for location verification, digital scheduling functionalities to improve accuracy and a Web-based management system for greater control and visibility, this mobile solution provides an efficient way to eliminate accounting errors and avoid costly overtime.

Kaonsoft Mobile Emergency School Notification™

Enhance student and staff safety and encourage accurate documentation with this mobile solution. With an emergency notification system that seamlessly integrates with an existing data network, individuals can send alerts to School Resource Officers and Staff for rapid response. In cases of potentially dangerous situations, push notifications, text alerts as well as email messages can be quickly generated to connect parents to real-time information. In cases of minor accidents where proper reporting is mandated, staff can record data, take photographs and annotate their own notes on images taken in online and off-line modes to stay compliant with federal and state requirements.

Kaonsoft Mobile Education Forum™

This mobile app provides parents and students a portal through which they can gain access to school news and information as well as manage school related data such as lunch balances, school bulletins, and field trip updates.  Complete with the Kaonsoft pre-built Mailbox with DocConverter and Viewer™ micro app, this mobile solution also serves as a secure and efficient messaging system that connects parents and students to their schools.

Public Education Success Story

Customer : Los Angeles Unified School District, USA

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), the nation’s second-largest public school system, chose Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP) to provide numerous LAUSD-branded mobile apps across multiple platforms, allowing for rapid delivery of school and district-related news and data. KEMP™ was selected over multiple competitors for its distinct advantages in functionality, security and usability.

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