Digital innovations are making a wave through the entertainment industry and enhancing the fan experience across multiple platforms.  Far from receiving entertainment passively, a new generation of audience has emerged that crave interactivity with the media they consume at any given place and time.  Recent advancements in mobile technology has made this a reality and by harnessing the power of well-designed, fan-engaging mobile apps, this technology has become a “Must Have” for the entertainment industry.

Kaonsoft Mobile Fan Engagement™

This application provides a new level of interactivity that rises to the challenge of our digital age.  Consumers are presented with a clear, intuitive layout that allows them to access content, share photos and videos as well as engage with each other in a secure customizable forum.  With Facebook OAuth and integration to social network channels, media can be easily uploaded across different social platforms while Azure’s Cognitive Services for photo sensor assures inappropriate content is automatically filtered out.  Utilizing mobile ticket validation via QR code and geofencing technologies, you will generate instant buzz by offering special access to VIP only events.  With Alert Notifications, you can also instantly disseminate content to individuals or groups.  The forum section encourages spontaneous formation of communities bonded together in similar interests, allowing for more specific, targeted marketing.

Application Features

Technical Specifications

iOS, Android and Windows Phone support

Integration with any back-end systems

Web-based administration portal

Built-in security & user authentication

Real-time data synchronization

Remote software updates

Data recovery & wipe for lost/stolen devices

Online Community

Facebook OAuth

Real time media sharing

Fan engagement platform

Azure cognitive services for photo sensor

Azure Mobile Engagement (AME)

Location-based Advertising

Mobile ticket validation via QR Code

Geo fencing and GPS data for personalized coupon offering

Alerts and notifications for individuals or groups

Entertainment Success Story

Customer: Microsoft & 20th Century Fox

In a strategic partnership with Microsoft, Kaonsoft helped 20th Century Fox develop, configure and deploy the New York Comic Con (NYCC) app.
The mobile app for NYCC provided fans access to trailers, media and news on 20th Century Fox. It also created a fan space for group messaging and special events to keep fans engaged, entertained and connected.


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