Mobile Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

Mobile technology is revolutionizing the healthcare industry.  From laboratories to acute care facilities, mobile solutions are being used to access real-time medical information by clinicians and patients alike to improve communication, streamline decision-making processes and enhance the quality of patient care.


Recognizing the need to accelerate healthcare through the development of innovative medical applications, Kaonsoft deployed the Laboratory Assured Compliance Solution™ (LACS) last year to ProMedica Laboratories, one of Ohio’s largest healthcare systems. LACS™ replaced an archaic paper-based operational system with a digital one and that lead to improved compliance with federal standards, increased turnaround times for results, and added an extra layer of data protection across ProMedica laboratories. It is a sustainable and scalable solution powered by our secure and robust Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP).

LACS was spotlighted by Microsoft and showcased in its video case study.

“As an enterprise mobility provider, we are proud to have been selected.  LACS™ was built on KEMP™ and we have only scratched the surface of what this agile platform can do.  KEMPis an enabling technology with the potential to impact not only the healthcare field but to bring digital innovation across all industries”

Daniel J. Lee Co-founder of Kaonsoft

LACS™ – Healthcare Solution Case Study

The success of the program spurred Kaonsoft and ProMedica to combine their expertise to form Kapios Health, a joint venture, to spearhead further advancements in healthcare. This partnership allows Kapios Health to leverage ProMedica’s industry knowledge and Kaonsoft’s decade long expertise in mobile technology to develop and commercialize sophisticated industry-inspired, field-tested mobile solutions to transform the face of patient care.

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