“Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ allows you to rapidly mobilize enterprise by seamlessly delivering business-critical data from your back-end systems out to any mobile device to empower mobile users.”



Daniel J. Lee, Kaonsoft CTO/Co-Founder/America CEO

Why Use Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ (KEMP)?

The Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ is a technology enabling engine that is customizable, scalable and highly secure (AES 256 bit encrypted with DoD FIPS 140-2 certification).  It works with all mobile devices natively, requires no costly front-end coding and comes with all the necessary services such as MDM (Mobile Device Management), MAM (Mobile Application Management), BaaS (Backend-as-a-Service) and IaaS (Infra-as-a-Service).  The modular architecture of KEMP allows organizations to rapidly and seamlessly deploy existing desktop, web and legacy applications into any handheld device with minimal hassle and risk.   

“All-In-One” Holistic Mobility Platform


The Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ is a complete one-stop mobility platform solves all your enterprise mobility challenges. It supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled) scenarios.  It connects natively with multiple Operating Systems such as Android and iOS. The single deployed app works with Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and browsers OOTB (Out-Of-The-Box).


Mobility is more than simply leveraging apps. Since app development is just one step in the process, many enterprises face the challenge of juggling multiple aspects of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) such as Mobile Device Management (MDM), Mobile Application Management (MAM), MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) and server hosting. With the Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™, everything is taken care of.


Developing an app from scratch, constantly updating it and running on all popular devices is simply unsustainable. Using our platform, a non-developer can readily configure powerful applications without writing any code.


By default, mobile apps built on the Kaonsoft Mobile App™ do not store any application data inside the device. Any system-related data remaining on the device is fully encrypted using AES-256 encryption with NIST approved Open SSL modules which are aligned with the FIPS guidelines. Data is secured both at rest (DAR), as well as in transit (DIT).

Future-Safe without Vendor-Lock

The Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ was built from a clean slate with only mobility in mind. Be assured that our platform was designed with the best practice architecture and is virtually future-safe without vendor-lock.


From mobile applications to the admin portal, every UI and app templates support multiple languages.

Kaonsoft Portal™

A single portal allows convenient management of users, apps, devices and business intelligence.

On-Premise or Cloud

The Kaonsoft Enterprise Mobility Platform™ supports both Windows and Linux-based servers and is available for deployment On-Premise or Cloud.The Kaonsoft Engine™ can run in both Java and .Net. On cloud, our platform is available on Microsoft Azure as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and IBM SoftLayer. Kaonsoft also offers an Appliance Model (in a VHD or Virtual Hard Disk) in which the platform is packaged as a standalone instance that can be plugged into an existing virtualized infrastructure such as VMware or Hyper-V.


Cost Savings

Cost Savings

  • Offers considerable cost savings in the mobile enterprise application development and management
  • Provides enterprise mobility infrastructure out-of-the-box including MDM & MAM

Quick to Market

Quick to Market

  • Equipped with fully functioning features for scenarios commonly found in various industry verticals
  • Simple and various deployment options
  • Already available on cloud

Mobility Strategy

Mobility Strategy

  • Answer to mobility strategy
  • Born to help enterprises succeed in their business
  • Not just a framework, tool or development environment 

Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology

  • Fully utilize advanced mobile technologies – QR Code, Bar Code and NFC support
  • Camera integration
  • Mobile payment
  • Real-time alerts and push notifications.
  • Always on top of the ever-evolving technology

Kaonsoft Lab Service™

Kaonsoft Lab Service™

  • First mobile app is delivered free of charge within a month
  • With the Kaonsoft Platform, know-how, and experience in mobility, it’s not only feasible but guaranteed



  • Agility
  • Maintainability
  • Extendibility
  • Scalability
  • Supportability
  • Compatibility
  • Future-safe
  • No vendor-lock

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

  • Interactive and standard reports for daily use
  • Customizable dashboard

  • Technical Specifications

    • Click-through configure-to-build experience, or development experience depending on your preference.
    • Over 100 + pre-built baseline app templates available. Pre-built ready-to-deploy-and-use applications on most popular use scenarios by industry verticals. Support all devices – iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and even feature phones, tablets as well as mobile and desktop web.
    • Flexible app deployment options – web, hybrid and native. Publish on app stores or keep private.
    • Integration to existing systems – SAP®, Oracle®, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft HealthVault™, and any open standard Web Services and more.
    • Ships with MAM – managing private app store within enterprises, enabling single mobile application access points for multiple apps.
    • Ships with MDM – manage lost devices, enforce policy, or app inventory check.


(Mobile Application Development Platform) of which the market is already saturated with options.


(Mobile Device Management) manages devices and/or enforce policies such as security. A must yet often overlooked piece that usually comes with a sticker shock.


(Mobile Application Management) is a way of managing multiple applications such as access control based on use roles and security clearance.


(Backend-as-a-Service) connects to any back-end systems without development overheads; time, cost and risks. Host replaces conventional overheads of hardware and software procurement cost and lead time.

No-Hassle Integration to Backend-as-a-Service

The Kaonsoft Mobile App™ integrates with today’s popular tools and services to make your workforce infinitely more productive. The layer consists of modular components which eliminate unnecessary development and testing cycles, saving not only cost, but time and you from the unknowns.

Designed in a modular architecture with the industry’s best-practice, Kaonsoft’s Backend-as-a-Service provides completely extendable integration that makes connecting to an existing data source a breeze.

Tackling the connection to some of challenging back-ends such as Dynamics CRM, proprietary SDK-driven solutions such as SAP and HealthVault; we had done the homework for you. No reinventing the wheel, and no wasting time or money.