In the past decade, there has been unprecedented growth and dramatic advancements in both mobile phones and their accompanying network technology.  However, the same progress has not been as evident in the infrastructure of the mobile communications companies themselves, where manual analog processes are still heavily relied upon.  As carriers seek to distinguish themselves in an increasingly more saturated market, the industry is ripe for scalable solutions to harness the same innovative technology utilized on the client front:  mobile applications.

Recognizing the importance of adopting a successful mobile strategy to streamline operations and improve customer service, Kaonsoft is poised to rapidly and securely deploy enterprise mobile solutions to help providers stay ahead of the curve.  We offer a line of pre-built micro apps to enhance internal workflow as well as the following industry specific solutions:

QuickOn Mobile Telecom™

Designed to increase productivity, streamline operations and decrease OPEX, the QuickOn Mobile Telecom App™ is an advanced web-based tool used to deploy technicians in an efficient manner and equip them in the field with full access to information from back end systems to improve customer satisfaction.  Cutting edge features such as QR code detection of signal strength and automatic assessment of problems allow for customer driven troubleshooting thus reducing unnecessary service visits.  In addition, geo-location technology and instant push notifications allow dispatchers to effectively allocate resources and better identify emergent situations.  This multi-use solution also allows direct communication between technician and customers to improve responsiveness.

QuickOn Mobile Marketing™

Utilizing sophisticated geo-fencing technology and advanced gamification features, the QuickOn Mobile Marketing™ is a platform that enhances customer engagement and builds consumer loyalty by providing them with time and location sensitive, personalized information and services.  The solution includes a social forum feature in which customers can share ideas, ask questions and a portal through which they can access account information and communicate via secure messages with customer support representatives.  With easy identity management integration, it also seamlessly integrates with popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ and to tap into the audience pool.  In addition, this customer engagement solution makes accessible business intelligence data (BI), generating actionable information and allowing for development of reports, dashboards and data visualizations to help corporate executives make evidence supported decisions.

QuickOn Mobile Training™

The QuickOn Mobile Training™ is a scalable mobile learning solution that helps technicians, sales force and executives stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.  This multi-use training solution can integrate to most existing Learning Management Systems (LMS) or function as a standalone LMS. It provides customized learning paths in an interactive environment, issues tickets to certify completion of a course and generates a standardized curriculum for consistent content delivery.  It is a cost-effective way of enhancing existing skills while developing new competencies in the workplace or serve as a digital tutorial for customers to learn about new services or phone features.

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